The Hot Rod Surf ® Dragster D100 Fin pays homage to the beautiful surfboards of the late 1950's and 60's where longboards ruled and the big D fins were the norm. Vintage surfboards often had the fin placement at the very end of the tail and the modern longboard fin box is typically placed approximately 4 to 5 inches from the tail making it impossible to truly get a vintage style ‘way back’ fin placement. For the first time our unique HOTRODSURF slotted fin design lets you use a traditional style D fin placement in your modern fin box. Our Dragster D100 Fin is fun nostalgic novelty fin for when you want to change it up and try something a little different.  Drop your leash, swap your fin, and feel how the men and women who made surfing great fin'ed up. 

“Being a traditional hot rodder I often chose drum brakes instead of disc, an ‘I’ beam axle instead of independent suspension, bias plys tires over radials and the raw pull of carburetion over fuel injection. Bringing back the simplicity of tradition through innovative design has a certain undeniable liberation and it's often just more fun to go vintage. The D100 Dragster Fin is my homage to the great vintage surfboards I love so much and now for the first time you can take your modern fin boxed surfboard board back in time with our vintage styled fin.” –MWM

Hot Rod Surf D100 Dragster Fin takes your board back in time where huge single D fin were all the rage. 
  • Fits in most standard contemporary longboard fin boxes
  • Measures approx.  9” inches tall and 12“ inches long
  • Plenty of room to accommodate drill through leash loops
  • Due to variances in fin box designs and specifications it is recommended to use a rubber mallet to install in the proper location

*This is the first and only slotted boxed D fin design that actually lets you slide the fin all the way back to the tail just like the vintage boards we love so much. Fitting is variable since tail rockers are all different so the small gap at the end  of the tail will vary from board to board. The D100 fins is what we call a ‘novelty’ fin that hums, sings, and vibrates just like the originals and are made for more fun than performance. For performance fins check out or Woody Series Flex Fin and more ridged retro Psychedelic Fin Series.

San Diego’s majestic coastline is filled with a diversity of neighborhoods with plenty of wave riding action from rolling sand bars to peaky reef brakes. Our epic surf spots spawned a diversity of specialty surf shops. The surf shop at its best is a unique and thought out beacon of style, social connectivity, and gathering place serving the locals as well as the many  visitors from all over the county and world.  These unique shops are where you will find our Hot Rod Surf fins and surf accessories.  We are happy to say there are a still a few of these specialty surf shops still in existence so stop by  to say ‘hello’ and pick up a few new things for your wave riding adventures.  

This is where you will be able to find our Hot Rod Surf fins and surf accessories.  As we add retailers we will be updating this Stock List.

Bird’s Surf Shed
The Bird Shed is run by ‘Bird.’ The Shed is part museum and part surf shop.  The Shed is all about quality surfboards and celebrating the variety of shapes and designs which evolved and developed over the years. The Bird Shed is stocked with top notch surfboards such as Stewart, and Gordon & Smith as well as a revolving  array of vintage and new surfboards for sale and display. Super knowledgeable in the craft of surfing and surfboards Bird’s main store, affectionately referred to as ‘The Mother Ship,’ is a little off the beaten path located at:
The Bird Shed
1091 W. Morena Blvd
San Diego, CA 92110
(619) 276-2473
Hours: Mon-Sat: 10am–6pm, Sun: 11pm–5pm

“It’s a San Diego surf destination. The place where surf films premiere, superstar shapers hold hands-on clinics and board riders of all ages just come to hang. Bird’s been a part of the local surf scene for decades, and the Shed is his way of helping to keep San Diego surf culture alive and vibrant.”

Bird just opened a second satellite store just across the street from the water in Ocean Beach adjacent to the Ocean Beach Pier and OB Lifeguard Tower.

The Bird Shed OB
1963 Abbott St
San Diego,CA 92107
(619) 226-2473
Hours: Sun-Tues: 10am–6pm, Wed-Sat: 10pm–7pm

Hansen Surfboards
Hansen Surfboards and Surf Shop is an icon of San Diego surf culture located right across the street from the legendary Swamis surf break. Don Hansen started making performance surfboards in the 1960’s and has grown his business  into a super surf shop with everything from surfboards to flip flops.  Hansen’s board selection is one of the best ranging from vintage styled Hansen longboards to newer performance boards. There’s always some action in their surfboard section and  something for the whole family to better enjoy the sun and surf so go check it out.

“A knowledgeable staff that lives and breathes the surf and beach lifestyle, Hansen’s prides itself on selling fun!"

Hansen Surfboards
1105 S Coast Hwy 101
Encinitas, CA 92024

Hours: Monday & Tues 9am to 6pm, Wednesday thru Fri 9am to 9pm, Saturday 9am to 6pm, Sunday 10am to 5pm

Seaweed & Gravel
Seaweed & Gravel came on the scene a few years ago and has captured the heart of North County San Diego. Seaweed is nestled in the upper Encinitas/Leucadia neighborhood with an eclectic mix of vintage and new with everything from motorcycles to surfboards.  If you are into moto and surf as much as we are this place is a must visit. So check Seaweed out when you’re in the neighborhood and pick up a Hot Rod Surf fin or leash for your board before you hit Beacons or Grand View for some surf.  Seaweed & Gravel also hosts great local parties and events so it is worth contributing to this neat shop. The next thing you might be doing is going on a Seaweed & Gravel weekend motorcycle shop ride up the coast or through the San Diego back country taking in the sunshine and enjoying the ride. There is even bonsai tree workshops to mellow your mood.

Seaweed & Gravel
1144N. Coast HWY 101#1
Encinitas, CA 92024
Hours: 11-6pm Tues through Sunday

Bing Surfboards
Bing Surfboards Surf Shop is a revived version of the classic vintage BING surfboards from the late 1950’s under the guidance and stewardship of shaper Matt Calvani the quality and craftsmanship coming from this modest shop, which is an extension of their growing surfboard factory, is top notch with beautifully crafted vintage inspired longboards dripping in candy resin tints. San Diego craftsmanship at its finest and more likely than not you might even see a vintage car out front taking in the 101.

BING Surfboards Surf Shop
802 N. Coast HWY 101
Encinitas, CA 92024760-944-630

Windansea Surf Shop

Windansea Surf Shop is located in Mission Beach and stocks a wide variety of price point surfboards and beach gear.
 “Since 1963 specializing in hand shaped surfboards, custom order surfboards,  steps away from the beach.”

3780 Mission Blvd, San Diego CA 92109
Hours: Mon thru Sat 9-8pm, Sun 9-7pm


The new Hot Rod Surf creative space is a located in the heart of Pacific Beach. Art studio hours are when we are there we are there which is all over the place since we are usually running around making things, surfing, racing, playing music shows, adventuring and partying. You can call or email for availability.
Hours:  by appointment only

1556 Grand Ave. Suite C
San Diego, CA 92109

They are here!  New Hot Rod Surf Surfboards ready to stylize and have fun at your local beach and enjoy the summer sun and surf. Traditional longboards are all the rage and The Starlight 8’0” and Cosmic Flyer 9’6” will have you having a great time in the water absorbing all  the good vibrations. The Starlight, and Cosmic Flyer are well rounded surfboards shaped specifically for our Southern California reef and beach breaks.  Have fun and enjoy the ride! ~MWM

COSMIC FLYER Fire Opal Orange 9'6"
COSMIC FLYER Sapphire Blue 9'6"
STARLIGHT White Opal 8'0"
STARLIGHT Sapphire Blue 8'0"
To celebrate our 21st year in business we are opening a creative space and pop-up shop for 2017. Our new space is located in the heart of Pacific Beach. We will having interesting bikes and sometimes cars on display and will be offering a selection of surf hard goods, surfboards, and some motorcycle parts for sale as a small extension of our online store. Art studio style hours vary from day to day depending on shows, surf, music, and race events. Our new space is a positive and fun place to gather to talk shop, vintage surf, and just enjoy our beach community. If you are really set on stopping by at a certain time feel free to email or call (858) 230-4470 to check when we are open and we will always have our online store available for 24hr shopping experience.

Wishing Everyone Prosperity and Happiness for the New Year,