Hot Rod Surf

Choppers by Hot Rod Surf®

In the 1950’s and sixties motorcycle riders wanted more speed, agility, and style out of their stock motorbikes. Many WWII veterans armed with the mechanical knowledge from their service began to modify their stock motorcycles. These modifications soon evolved into a classic tradition based on the chopped or hot rodded motorbike known as the ‘chopper.’ In order to increase the performance of a stock motorcycle all of the unnecessary items and ornaments where taken off or ‘chopped’ off the motorcycle and functional pieces of the motorbike were personalized to the tastes and custom fit of the rider. Shortened fenders, more slender streamlined 21” front rims, smaller lighter gas tanks, sleeker after market lights are all part of chopping a motorbike. Choppers by Hot Rod Surf® keeps the tradition of choppers alive! Rear chain conversions, pinstriping, custom paint, sissy bars, ape hangers, drag bars, short risers, tall risers, race ignitions, and custom frame modifications are all part of the Hot Rod Surf Chopper experience. Certain traditions never go out of style. Check out some of the choppers built here at Hot Rod Surf® in the photo gallery and in the 152 page full color pictorial HOT ROD SURF history book HOT ROD SURF 100% Genuine.

All Choppers by HOT ROD SURF® are built one off by MWM at the HOT ROD SURF headquarters in San Diego, CA.