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Hot Rod Surf MWM Signature Series Pinstriping Brush

The Story
Hot Rod Surf Brush History by MWM

After we finished filming the Hot Rod Surf Freehand Pinstriping Techniques DVD Tech movie, which followed the book Basic Hot Rod Pinstriping Techniques with Hot Rod Surf, I was asked more and more about the primary brush I used during the movie.  It turns out the dominant brush I would consistently grab during the movie, and had been using for shop work during the past seven or so years, was on closer inspection not a Mack Co. brush.  After speaking to various brush industry people, and trying to figure out what mystery brush I had happened upon many years earlier, it became a personal journey and passion to make the same quality brush I use professionally available for other pinstriping artists and automotive enthusiasts.  The quest to reproduce the most versatile brush in my pinstriping box would lead me around the world.
           The pinstriper is the most important part of pinstriping, especially when you are doing freehand work, but to a certain extent the brush does make a difference.  Everyone could see the brush I predominately used in our Hot Rod Surf Tech movie.  The quality of line stroke and paint load is perfect for freehand designs.   During my inquiries to reproduce our Hot Rod Surf brush, I learned that is was unheard of for a pinstriping brush to last for more than a year- between superior construction and the proper cleaning and storage techniques my favorite brush hand done the impossible and out lived other brushed by more than seven times the normal brush life.  I spoke with various brush manufacturers about reproducing my brush and I kept getting the same responses, ‘the materials are too expensive and it is too difficult and complicated to make and put into production.’  Instead of a deterrent it became a passion to make the seemingly impossible possible.  As I back tracked and traced the origins of what was becoming an especially rare brush I discovered my brush was an antique German style pinstriping brush.  The style brush was put out of production many years ago because it was too expensive to produce- and of all things was the favorite German style brush of the legendary freehand pinstriping master Kenneth “Von Dutch” Howard. This furthered my desire to once again produce these specially designed and now extinct brushes which had become such a big part of my pinstiping at the Hot Rod Surf garage. 
           After extensive research and development we now offer this special brush for professional pinstripers, hot rod & motorcycle enthusiasts, and collectors. The Hot Rod Surf MWM Signature Series Pinstriping Brush™ features real squirrel hair from the Kazan region of Russia and a specially shaved German wood dowel handle making clocking (or centering of the brush line) after curved lines during freehand designs a snap.  The specially shaved handle also makes mirrored curved pinstriping designs quicker and easier.  The construction is a faithful reproduction of the brush I have used professionally for almost a decade.  We at Hot Rod Surf are proud to introduce our new line of Hot Rod Surf Pinstriping Brushes designed especially for traditional freehand pinstriping.

Mark Whitney Mehran (MWM)
Hot Rod Surf founder and hot rod artist  
April 2008

The MWM Signature Series Pinstriping Brush by Hot Rod Surf is a professional grade pinstriping brush featuring a German style wood handle, English brass pinched ferrule, and exotic rare Russian squirrel hair from Kazan.  Only the finest materials from around the world are used on this superiorly constructed brush specifically designed for traditional 1950’s style hot rod and motorcycle freehand pinstriping applications.  Size 0 features a specially contoured handle making clocking the brush quick and easy. These brushes are handmade in Europe and are the finest quality in the world.  Rugged enough to be put into daily professional use this multi functional brush is specifically designed for automotive freehand pinstriping applications.  The Hot Rod Surf MWM Series Brush does it all from thick lines to thin lines, straight lines to circles, and everything in between.  If you are into classic traditional freehand pinstriping this is the gold standard of brushes!  Each brush is mounted to a collector edition card and emblazoned with HOT ROD SURF!


“The best brush in the world for traditional freehand pinstiping for your classic motorcycle chopper or radical hot rod machine!”

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